A remote app to flip your WeMo switches from your wrist and view it's status on-demand. Works with all WeMo products.

It requires the Ouimeaux REST API running on a computer on the network to be able to work. An update in the future may remove this requirement.

WeMote on the Pebble appstore!

PebbleKit JS

WeMote uses PebbleKit JS, introduced with Pebble SDK 2.0, to make HTTP requests and thus, not require a companion app.

Two-way Feedback

WeMote discovers all WeMo products in your network and not only it flips your WeMo switches, but also shows you if they're on or not.


WeMote is powered by Ouimeaux. Ouimeaux acts as a bridge between your Pebble and WeMo, which is required to be able to use WeMote.


Fix a bug where errors weren't being shown.
Fix a bug with cells disappearing if you have multiple devices.
Add menu icon.
Add more error messages.
Fix a bug where an error wouldn't reset on refresh.
Initial public release.

Open Source

WeMote is open source under the MIT license and its source code is available on GitHub.


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