A LIFX remote app for the Pebble Smartwatch! Control all the LIFX lights on your network! Toggle them or change the colors from your wrist.

Powered by the [unofficial] LIFX HTTP API. No companion app needed.

OpalX on the Pebble appstore!

PebbleKit JS

OpalX uses PebbleKit JS, introduced with Pebble SDK 2.0, to make HTTP requests and thus, not require a companion app.

Lights and Tags

Control a single light, a tag or all lights. Easily hide lights or tags from the in-app settings.

Manual Colors

Not only can you switch your lights on/off with OpalX, you can also change colors to one of the preset ones or to any other color manually.


OpalX is powered by the [unofficial] LIFX HTTP API, which is a REST API to interact with the LIFX lights.


$ gem install lifx-http

Find detailed instructions here.


Make empty headers height back to 0 as firmware 2.3 fixed the bug that made us set it to 1.
Fix bug introduced by firmware 2.1 where header text would overflow outside its area when it should not appear at all.
Add kelvin support.
Check if phone is reachable at launch.
Initial public release.

Open Source

OpalX is open source under the MIT license and its source code is available on GitHub.


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